wedding practice

I have been asked to do a watercolour painting of a wedding.  Cool project hey?  I have spent the afternoon up at Helderberg Reserve with Phil and Lara and family, practicing the scene.   This is Phil talking to his father, who will be marrying them, in the spot where they will hold the ceremony.

I did this painting and took some photos to prepare for Saturday:


This is 22×30 inches which is a lot of paint to put down.  That is a little sketch of the mountain and trees at the bottom.  I have to think quite carefully about the strategy for the painting.

I will have a little more time on Saturday to do the whole painting.  And I have lovely sheet of Arches 600gm Cold Press waiting for just this occasion.  It will be interesting painting through a service – but wait – that is what I have been practicing  (o:

~ by swatch on October 21, 2009.

12 Responses to “wedding practice”

  1. This is such a cool idea. Have fun. I would!

  2. What an honor! I’m sure they will have a photographer, and maybe even someone to take a video, but how many people get to have a WATERCOLOR of their Wedding! That rocks! I like your “practice” painting and it looks like a beautiful place to have a wedding.

    • it is such a cool venue – Sadly there is a plan in place to cut all of the pines down for timber – and because they are not indigenous. We indigenous bigots are sometimes so narrow minded. (I want to ask the guys about the Oak trees in the picnic spot which are also not from round here). But it is beautiful. And we have Bontebok wandering around there. I am keen to go up there again before the event to get the colours right in my head.

  3. They’ll be in safe hands with you doing their painting – which is obvious with all the preparations you’re doing already. What a fantastic idea! I can’t wait to hear how you got on.

    • thanks June – I have an idea for the composition (worked out at the school prize-giving last night). I have a set up with a table and bar-stool that I want to test. Then the rest will be about tuning out the people and sitting doing the painting. I feel good about all of this. S

  4. I’m sure the watercolor will be great. You’re such a talented artist. Of course I should have thought of asking you for my wedding! That would have been so cool!

  5. What an honour, to be chosen to do this painting. I’d be terrified to do such a commission, knowing that so much emotion must be tied up in the event.
    Anyway, I’m sure you will do just fine.

  6. Dit is special! Enjoy tomorrow! Cecily

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