Brandberg #2 – update

I like viewing my work in this way.  As soon as I saw the photo of the painting, some problems popped out.  There is work to be done on the foreground rock, and the mountain is fraught with difficulties.  I have some time to deal with all of this and would like to keep the painting in view of the next little while before sorting them out.

At least I am over the dreadful lassitude that gripped me a couple of weeks back (how is that for an oxymoron).  I am sure this has something to do with the good painting board I bought for this work.  I was fiddling with silly little bits and pieces.  And I have made progress in some of the tasks required to be ready for 27 November.  What do you think so far?


Reflections for further work:

  • I need to soften the whole mountain to push it back a little
  • The lines between sections of the foreground rocks can be softened.
  • The distant middle ground could do with some more layering.
  • The sand in the foreground on the left could use some texture.  The whole desert floor is scattered with tiny chips rock from the dolerite dyke.

~ by swatch on October 25, 2009.

6 Responses to “Brandberg #2 – update”

  1. i think it looks finished already.
    nice painting

  2. I love this……I would agree with speckling the foregound left sand. To me the mountains look perfect for a clear day. I like the cracks in the foreground rocks.Makes them appear “in-your-face” like they are. I’m not viewing the original, though. Nice work Stephen.

    • Thanks Leslie – the watchword is “light varnishing” it seems – the mountain is really big and it is far away. It rises 2000m from the plain. So I want to create some haze – but I shall be circumspect about it if I do it at all. I also have to stop painting and do some of the other work required to have the exhibition ready.

      My friend Andrew is helping me build the racks to hang the paintings and I want to give him a hand. In fact my project plan is still long and incomplete.

  3. Stephen, this is coming along beautifully. I went back and looked at the earlier version and you’ve really strengthened many of the values and colors. I’m not really sure what you would do to soften the mountain. I love all the points and cracks and crags but I’m sure you will show us all soon.

    I’m so excited for your show!!!!!

    • Yeah I did quite a bit of work on it yesterday. I have it covered behind me (to prevent it getting marked) and I will open it later when I have reflected a little on the comments from you guys.
      I have lots of other work to do today so…

      It is exciting hey? And well done on your submission and acceptance that side.


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