the wedding

I spent the morning preparing for the wedding project and arrived in the reserve will all my stuff packed up neatly.  And just as well – the forest glade had been transformed with chairs, flowers and a bower.  And the position I chose no longer worked so I moved back a little and other side a tree.   When I set up I had a Metalasia (Metalasia muricata) bush prickling  my back – but OK.  I started the painting about an hour and half before the ceremony and after the first wash help attach the last few rows of cushions to chairs – and then the guests began to arrive.  I adopted my “focus on the job at hand” attitude and people came in and settled down.

It was a beautiful wedding, short and simple.  too short to finish but I stayed for another hour, completing the painting.  It started raining and I escaped under a ‘Bedouin tent’ where they had signed the register.  Here is what I gave them:


This is on Arches 300gm Rough 570x780mm (the 600gm sheet was Fabriano rough and I was not keen to take chances).

I suggested they crop the paint to something like this:


or this:


~ by swatch on October 25, 2009.

10 Responses to “the wedding”

  1. So Stephen, you’re now officially a wedding painter – was your adrenalin pumping? I mean what if you’d messed up and had to start again? Doesn’t bear thinking about…so it’s just as well that you didn’t eh?

    So romantic! You’ve treated the couple very delicately, it’s lovely the way their bodies and especially her skin contrast with the riot of nature going on behind them. It’s definitely best cropped. And all this done with a prickle on your back.

    • Hey June – this is so encouraging for me. Yes I was a bit nervous but as soon as I started painting I settled down. I had an idea of what I wanted for the bride to be light and delicate and for the groom to be strong and connected with the dark of the trees. I thought it was wonderful that they were married by his father so I wanted him there but more subdued. Both of them love the mountains and the forest so I wanted to show all of that. I had back up paper to start again but the light was fading and it rained a little and by the end of the afternoon I was exhausted so I don’t want to think about that, as you say.
      Thank you for pointing out so much about the painting – I am very self-critical about my work. I must say that part of my strategy was to suspend my judgement and put it here for comment from my friends here. S

      • Thanks for saying what your initial idea was for this, it makes it even better to look at the second time – and you achieved it. You should be patting yourself loudly on the back, especially as I can only imagine how stressful it would have been. I bet you ‘relaxed’ quite a lot at the reception – heh!

      • thanks June – I only realised how stressful it was the next day. We were committed to a dance that evening so I did not attend the reception though they had invited us. Ai – hectic evening – S

  2. I really like the look of filtered light you caught with this. Makes the moment look magical. I gotta give it to you man. Your painting from life is just getting better!

  3. what a wonderful wedding gift! What a lucky couple. You did such a beautiful job. My wedding anniversary is next week. I could re-create our wedding so you could paint it…if only I could still fit in my wedding dress!

    • They were so beautiful – it was lovely to be there in this way. The idea of going back to our wedding ‘size’ sounds compelling. But with our growth we have taken on so much else. I bet you couldn’t paint watercolours then for instance. Your comments here are so uplifting – if you only knew…

  4. Hi Stephen,
    I agree with Carol. What a wonderful gift. They will treasure this always.
    I think you are incredibly brave to promise to do a painting on site while the wedding is in progress. That would be unthinkably difficult for me. I paint so slowly.
    The delicacy of the way you painted the couple echoes the feelings that people have on such a big day.
    Would you do more of these?

    • Hi K
      this was all very special and stretching. A real challenge.
      Yes I would take this on again – in the right context.
      I just love painting so much – what a strange thing! I just love doing it.
      Thank you for your comments – I have been battling the self-critical demon over this.

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