Brandberg #2 Final

Well – this is what I am taking for framing tomorrow:


Painted on Arches 600gm cold press – 1530 x 1020 mm – phew – what a mission.

This is from the road between Uis and Brandberg West, looking across one of the dolerite dykes in the plain, North towards the Brandberg.

~ by swatch on October 26, 2009.

16 Responses to “Brandberg #2 Final”

  1. Fabulous, fabulous! This is terrific! Bravo!

  2. Beautiful! YOU GO SWATCH!

  3. A big beauty! I love the austerity of the landscape and the weight and tension in the big foreground boulders. G

  4. Hi Swatch,
    This is a departure from your normal fare! This is so much more detailed. I like it! (I like the others too.)
    Is this one for your exhibition?
    Bravo. It’s perfect.

    • Hi K
      I want to make the two Brandberg paintings the centerpiece for the exhibition – if I can fit it all in. I have been wanting to do these paintings for years and years. Finding these huge sheets of Arches was a real gift. Thanks for the congrats – I feel very proud of this work.
      I took the piece down to the framers last night – Marisa will back them with foam core and that will be that – they are too large to do a final framing. Whoever buys this work will undoubtedly want a say in this.
      It felt so good to hand over.
      No more painting now – just preparation and my other work!

  5. For once I’m struggling to find words. I know.

    With this painting you’ve reached such a peak. How will you follow this? The critics will lavish superlatives upon you and you will make a name for yourself or I’ll eat my paintbrushes.

    • Ah! lightness – thanks June – yes you made me laugh – it is so nice to hear this. Thanks hey – I am feeling good about this work. It think there is a large sitting room or board-room crying out for these paintings – (o:

  6. Amazing – this must look spectacular in reality, it’s so huge for a watercolour. I love the rocks; the spacing & grouping looks just perfect. They lead you on a walk from right to left & acros s towards that wonderful mass of the Brandberg.

    When is your exhibition? Do you find it hard having to slow down on the painting front because of the time needed for all the organisation? I’m feelinhg a bit pressured in this regard because I keep getting ideas for new paintings & I don’t want to stop painting!.
    I wish you all the best & hope that all the people you need to see the exhibition & recognise you do just that.

    • Hey thanks Sonya

      Nice to see you here again – yep – I have laid down my brushes till I have everything ready for the exhibition.

      All the best with your work – your paintings are so full of life – S

  7. With the big challenge came a big success. The small paintings will seem so easy now.

  8. Wow I haven’t been here for so long! There’s so much to catch up on! Great work as always, I really like the way the rocks lead your eye off towards the mountains in the distance. The yellow lighting on the one’s in the foreground is a great effect too 🙂

    Congrats on your exhibition!

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