Gallery of figures

Here are some of the figures I have done in the last couple of years:

4 Responses to “Gallery of figures”

  1. Stephen, the one of the group of kids on the beach is so full of light bouncing off everything it’s absolutely great! I could look at that daily! Awesome!

  2. Stephen,
    These are just terrific. I know I’ve seen some of them before, but seeing them again is still awesome. I don’t use that word lightly. I’m thoroughly impressed. Especially with the one with five boys horsing around on the beach. They are so dynamic, as are the ones where you have the figures in motion.
    Wow! This is something for you to concentrate on. It’s brilliant.

    • Hi K – thanks hey – this is very encouraging. I am so keen to do more figures. We have a watercolour group exhibition coming up and I was keen to do more of the boys horsing around. ‘Horsing around’ is such an apt description of what they do isn’t it?

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