Gallery of finished work

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  1. Stephen…..This is great. Have these pages always been here or just now? I’m having a blast clicking and viewing these! Thanks!

    • Hey Leslie – I have just put these pages up as a portfolio – thanks for the note. I have just asked Hagen to set up a version of for me to use a gallery site – (ala Lucy W) – I will keep you posted. It is quite a bit of work. S
      BTW – I look forward to viewing your gallery (o:

  2. Hi Stephen

    I love your series of “Outcrop with Kogel Bay” – very striking compositions.I can’t decide if i have a preference for one , they’re all good.The complementary colours work well in the “Rocks at Sunrise”. Perhaps if I had to choose one it would be the centrally positioned one because of the impact of the dark rocks against the sandy coloured stones & the way they make an interesting diagonal. Having said that, the one to the right is similar in those aspects but then again I think I prefer how the space of the sky is in the central one & the blue balances the yellow . Also the one with the boulders is excellent – whoever bought it has got good taste in my opinion! I think the size & forms of the boulders in the foreground work very well against the light & dark that’s behind.

    It’s a good idea showing your work in seperate galleries like this. Is it difficult to set up ?

    • Well thanks for this overview and feedback Sonya. I had not expected an overall comparison and critique when I set this up but I find it jolly useful. And uplifting. The series on the rocks looking towards Kogelbaai is from an outcrop just below the road below the mountains that I really love visiting. I did the scene over and over because it wasn’t working the way I wanted. And
      Setting up a gallery is not difficult at all. I found a note about it in WordPress help somewhere.
      Click on “pages – add new page”
      Give it a name and some intro. (as you know how)
      Click on the little grey box to add images
      hit “select files” and open the folder in which you have your work to add. I am trying to mirror the folder structure and the pages – for me a massive step in organisation
      Select the paintings you want in the gallery and hit “Open”
      wordpress will then open a page which you can watch each picture as it is uploaded and “crunched”
      You can then go into each entry by hitting “show” and update the information you would like to add
      Then hit “save all changes”
      You can change the layout of your gallery here – but I just leave it.
      And hit “Insert Gallery” which takes you back to your “edit page” view.
      then hit “publish”
      and there you are
      You can edit the gallery by clicking on it and hitting the “edit”icon on the left at the top.

      I look forward to seeing your galleries – Eek I added a gallery as I wrote this and I see one of the paintings is on its side – let me sort that out



  3. Thank-you very much for that information, that’s very helpful of you. I often wonder how could people look at my paintings in an easier way because it’s very boring clicking on each post seperately.The best way so far seems to be to just scroll down to the bottom of the page & go back to previous pages – at least that’s what I do. I shall try this gallery option sometime , though I doubt it’ll be that soon!Today is a holiday in Spain so I’m able to do some painting but at the moment I’m just taking a break.

    • Cool – I look forward to seeing your gallery – I suppose it would be a good idea to put a link from the name in the gallery to the post about the painting. That is just a lot of work!

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